A New Utah Law Permits People to Remove Their Cases From State Agency’s Websites

Record Expunge

Did you enter into a settlement with or get sanctioned by the Utah Division of Securities more than five years ago? Have you paid your fine and otherwise complied with the securities laws in Utah since that time?  If so, you may be eligible to have the record of your …

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Why Do Utahns Take Such Extreme Risks in Investments?


The editorial board of the Salt Lake Tribune recently wrote an editorial titled “Gambling-averse Utahns take wild investment bets” (reproduced below) which asks why Utahns, who are always talking about the evils of gambling, so often fall prey to the pitches of con-men who promise outrageously high returns with significant risk. …

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Chad Deucher of Marquis Properties Has Been Indicted.


I previously wrote about the SEC’s lawsuit against Chad Deucher of Orem, Utah.  As is often the case, the criminal authorities have now brought separate criminal charges against him in connection with the alleged $28 million Ponzi scheme that defrauded more than 250 investors throughout the United States.  Yesterday the U.S. Attorney’s …

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UPDATE on the Fraud Case Against Roger Bliss of Bountiful, Utah


I previously wrote about the numerous red flags that were raised by the investment pitch given by Roger Bliss in Bountiful, Utah. That post has generated a significant number of comments and interest, so I thought an update would be appropriate. This was a fairly unusual case involving  cooperation between multiple state and …

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The Shocking Story of A Small Town Fraud


I typically write about lawsuits filed by the SEC, but this time I wanted to write about a civil case that was filed by a number of the victims of a Nephi man named Thomas E. Andrews.  The information in this story comes primarily from allegations that were made in …

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The Steven B. Heinz Ponzi Scheme


Today I realized that I never posted about the case against Steven B. Heinz.  Please accept my apologies for this oversight, as this is a story that fits the purposes of this blog perfectly.  Heinz solicited his clients at his brokerage firm, Ogilvie Security Advisors Corporation, and used his membership in the Mormon …

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Another Utah Ponzi Scheme? The SEC’s lawsuit against Marquis Properties


Last month the Salt Lake Regional office of the US Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit and obtained an asset freeze against Marquis Properties, LLC, its CEO and President Chad R. Deucher, and the company’s Executive Vice President, Richard (“Rick”) Clatfelter.  In its complaint the SEC alleges that these men orchestrated …

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NPR’s Planet Money Podcast: Episode 680: Anatomy Of A Scam

Planet Money

You’ve seen these ads before: “Work from home. Make thousands of dollars a week. Call this number!” On this show, Planet Money’s team finds out what happens when you respond. It’s the story of a scam that will not die. This episode has secret documents laying out how it all …

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Mark Pugsley’s Recent Interview on Mormon Stories

Mormon Stories

I was recently interviewed by John Dehlin who runs the “Mormon Stories” Podcast about affinity fraud in Utah.  This episode is available in audio only through John’s podcast, or you can watch the video below. Episode 606: Mormonism and the Culture of Fraud with Attorney Mark Pugsley by John Dehlin • January …

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