Cybersecurity and Privacy

RQ&N’s Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice Group is led by John Adams, the firm’s immediate past Managing Director, and Elaina Maragakis, a member of the firm’s Executive Committee.  Data breaches and network intrusions involving businesses of every size and description as well as various agencies of government have become commonplace over the past few years and the outlook is that such breaches will continue to rise dramatically. RQ&N’s cybersecurity team helps businesses assess and manage cybersecurity risk.  RQN offers a broad range of services tailored to our individual client’s experience, needs and sophistication in dealing with cyber risk.  RQN offers the following services:

  • Working with senior management and directors to understand the risks they face individually and as a company, including legal requirements and the expectations of government regulators, stockholders and customers.
  • Helping create or update an information security policy that is suited to a business’ size, operations and resources.
  • Providing training for employees concerning best practices and compliance with the procedures that support the company’s information security policy.
  • Preparing a data breach response plan and table top exercises testing implementation of the plan.
  • Consulting regarding privacy disclosures.
  • Consulting and assisting with third-party vendor security practices and vendor forms and contracts.

To listen to a Salt Lake Chamber Podcast: Cybersecurity: Why it Matters for Businesses Large & Small (October 12, 2016) by John Adams and Elaina Maragakis discussing the legal issues surrounding cybersecurity and the importance of creating plans to prevent and counter data-breaches, click here.

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