We believe that the summer program experience is of utmost importance both to our Firm and to our summer clerks. The program allows a clerk to determine if the Firm’s working environment and practice are the right fit, and it provides the Firm an opportunity to assess the clerk’s legal and personal skills.

RQ&N hires first- and second-year law clerks to join the summer program. It is our practice to hire only as many summer clerks as we anticipate will be needed as associates in a particular class year. Because of this practice, many of our summer clerks have gone on to become associates at the Firm.

Out-of-state first-year students applying for consideration should submit their application on or after December 1. Out-of-state second-year students may submit materials on or after August 1. In-state students should consult their Professional Development Office to apply through OCI.

To apply, please submit your resume, law school transcript and cover letter via U.S. mail, fax or email (moc.nqr@nrubkcalbk) to Kim Blackburn, Recruiting & Professional Development Manager.

Interview Process
Summer clerk applicants invited to interview generally interview at the Firm’s main office in Salt Lake City for approximately three hours, including lunch. Candidates typically meet with four to six attorneys, including Shareholders and Associates.

Throughout the summer, clerks generally work for a number of attorneys in several areas of practice. Our summer program has the flexibility to allow emphasis in a particular practice if a clerk has a specific interest. We also strive to provide clerks with practical experiences. We therefore encourage our clerks to attend the oral arguments or hearings of issues they have worked on, and to observe trials, depositions, mediations, client conferences, negotiations, and closings.

We believe in providing clerks with feedback on their progress, as well as receiving input from clerks regarding the quality and quantity of their assignments. Summer clerks receive informal feedback throughout the summer from the assignment coordinator, the assigning attorney, and each of their mentors. In addition, the Firm formally evaluates clerks’ performance at the mid-point and conclusion of the summer program.

To provide guidance, each summer clerk is assigned an Associate and a Shareholder as mentors. Mentors are selected by the Hiring Partner prior to the beginning of the summer program. Clerk mentors maintain an open-door policy and serve as a resource on work assignments and can answer questions ranging from office practice to work/life balance.

Summer clerks participate in several formal training seminars including: Legal Research and Writing, Ethics and Professional Responsibility, and Timekeeping and Billing, which are presented by Firm members as well as outside guest speakers. Additionally, the summer class gathers weekly with the chair of each of the firm’s sections. These informal meetings give clerks the chance to explore each area of law practiced at RQ&N, as well as to meet and speak openly with firm leaders.

Social Events
RQ&N hosts several social events throughout the summer as a way for summer clerks to get to know lawyers and their families in an informal setting. These events vary from year to year, and typically include concerts, sporting events, and dinners.