Even Ponzi Schemers Pay Their Tithing

As a follow-up to my last post, my friend Lon Jenkins has just sued the LDS Church in a “claw back” lawsuit for the RCH2 receivership he is handling.  Lon is seeking return of at least $160,306 plus interest from the Church that was paid as tithing.  Virtually anyone who takes money from a Ponzi Scheme will eventually get sued (including law firms) and the LDS Church is no exception.  From past experience I know the LDS Church is pretty good about returning money received from individuals who are perpetuating these schemes, and I assume they will do so here as well.

Perhaps the more interesting question is why are these people paying tithing on ill-gotten gains in the first place?  Perhaps they don’t realize they are committing fraud, or perhaps they think that the Lord will somehow remove the taint on the money, or bless the scheme.  It’s hard to say, but either way its better to give the money back.

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One thought on “Even Ponzi Schemers Pay Their Tithing

  1. The reason why they pay tithing on there ill gotten gains is to keep the favor of the clergy and members of the church. Gotta keep that temple recommend, even if you never use it ( except for the occasional wedding you get invited to attend). It’s sort of like the ‘membership card’ for being a real member of the mormon church. Eyebrows are raised if you lose that recommend…

    And it’s easier to bilk more people out of money in your congregation if you have that temple recommend… that badge of honesty and moral integrity.

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