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In a fundamental shift in federal securities laws, new U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) rules will permit companies seeking to raise capital in Rule 506 private placements to engage in “general advertising and solicitation” (e.g., internet solicitations, mass mailings, website banner ads, etc.) to attract investors. Thus, 80 years of securities laws requiring that “non-public offerings” or “private placements” remain “private” (including conditions intended to limit the offering to potential investors with whom the company or its senior management have pre-existing relationships) have been overturned.

The new rules affect securities offerings under Rule 506 of SEC Regulation D and are effective as of September 23, 2013. In effect, companies seeking to raise capital under the Rule 506 exemption from securities registration requirements can now make public solicitations in order to cast a wide net for investors, though companies seeking to utilize these more permissive “manner of offering” rules may only sell securities to “accredited investors” and must satisfy heightened compliance requirements (including new “bad boy” disqualification rules).

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