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Fifty-two attorneys have been selected by their peers for inclusion on Utah Business Magazine’s 2016 list of “Utah Legal Elite:”

John A. Adams

Kevin G. Glade
Michael D. Mayfield
Stephen C. Tingey

Michael R. Johnson
David H. Leigh
Elaine M. Monson

Civil Litigation
Ryan B. Bell
Kamie F. Brown
Matthew M. Cannon
Matthew N. Evans
James S. Jardine
John W. Mackay
Elaina M. Maragakis
Mark W. Pugsley
Gregory S. Roberts
Rick L. Rose
Greggory J. Savage
Justin T. Toth
Robert G. Wing
Brent D. Wride

Corporate Law & Transactions
Christopher N. Nelson
Gavin M. Reese

Criminal Law
Eric G. Benson
Matthew R. Lewis
Brett L. Tolman
Loren E. Weiss

Energy and Natural Resources
Kelly A. Williams
E. Blaine Rawson

Estate Planning
Angela E. Atkin
D. Jay Curtis
John R. Madsen

Family Law
Bryant J. McConkie

Kristy M. Larsen

Intellectual Property
Arthur B. Berger
Lester K. Essig
S. Brandon Owen
Samuel C. Straight

Labor and Employment
Paul C. Burke
David B. Dibble
Scott A. Hagen
Robert O. Rice
Rick R. Thaler
D. Zachary Wiseman
Lisa A. Yerkovich

Real Estate
Blake R. Bauman
Larry G. Moore
Ira B. Rubinfeld
Michael W. Spence

Gerald T. Snow

Up & Coming
Allison G. Behjani
Greg M. Newman