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Paul C. Burke, the Firm’s general counsel, participated in several sessions of the Utah State Bar 2017 Fall Forum event. First, Mr. Burke chaired a panel discussion titled “The New Brief: Appellate Advocacy & the New Rule 24.” Mr. Burke served for more than two years on a subcommittee appointed by the Utah Supreme Court to develop the new version of Rule 24, which governs the organization and substance of appellate briefs. Mr. Burke now serves as Chair of the Utah Supreme Court’s Advisory Committee on the Rules of Professional Conduct. Mr. Burke was joined on the panel by a well-regarded appellate advocate and Thomas Rex Lee, Associate Chief Justice of the Utah Supreme Court.

Mr. Burke then served as a faculty member in the program for the Litigation section. Mr. Burke was a panelist and participated in a demonstration of deposition techniques during sessions titled “The Deposition: Winning the Battles to Win the War.” Mr. Burke also served as a panelist for a session titled “The Payoff: Using Your Deposition at Trial.” Mr. Burke was joined on the faculty by several distinguished attorneys and judges from Utah’s state and federal benches, including Third District Court Judge Todd M. Shaughnessy and Magistrate Judges Dustin B. Pead, Paul M. Warner, and Brooke C. Wells.