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Attorney Paul Taylor was recently appointed to the European Patent Office’s Standing Advisory Committee (SACEPO) for a three year term of service as a representative of the US Bar-EPO Liaison Committee.

paul n. taylor

The SACEPO was formed in 1978 on the initiative of the first President of the EPO, J. B. van Benthem in order to give “interested circles” a say in the development of the European patent system. The SACEPO’s inaugural meeting was held in January 1979, with subsequent meetings being held annually in Munich, and hosted its 50th meeting in June 2018.

The SACEPO committee is composed of 30 high-level practitioners and industry representatives with extensive experience in the field, appointed by the EPO President either ad personam or on a proposal from epi or BusinessEurope. Mr. Taylor received his personal appointment from the President of the EPO and was recognized for his longstanding contribution to the user consultations at the EPO and his commitment to the SACEPO.

Objectives of the SACEPO:

“As the EPO’s main advisory body, SACEPO is consulted on all major issues relating to the development of the European patent system. These can range from broad European and international reforms – such as introduction of the Unitary Patent, reform of the EPO boards of appeal, revision of the EPC, PCT reform and substantive patent law harmonisation – to more practical questions concerning the European patent grant procedure, such as changes to the EPC Implementing Regulations, EPO fee policy, revision of the Guidelines for Examination, and other important projects such as Early Certainty from Search and Examination. Regular consultation of SACEPO ensures that proposed changes to European patent law and practice are seen from the perspective of the users and debated in a thorough and balanced way prior to implementation. Its functions are of purely advisory nature.”

The appointment validates Mr. Taylor’s dedication to the collaborative advancement of the industry, IP law, and the development of the European patent system. RQN congratulates him on this prestigious appointment.

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