Ray Quinney & Nebeker has a strong reputation and background in counseling clients to understand and comply with state and federal antitrust laws, with the intent of minimizing client exposure to the costs and penalties associated with civil and criminal antitrust violations. We have successfully represented plaintiffs, defendants and other clients in litigation, and other aspects of trade regulation including FTC, DOJ and State Attorney General Investigations. Our experience with antitrust issues includes counseling and representing clients in numerous manufacturing, distribution and retailing industries, pre-merger notification proceedings and acquisitions. We have also been active in drafting and amending federal and state antitrust statutes.

Ray Quinney & Nebeker has extensive litigation experience. It has served as defense counsel and plaintiff’s counsel in antitrust litigation involving the ski, manufacturing, petroleum, natural gas, hospital, medical device, insurance, physician services, food retailing, chemical, mining, banking, pharmaceutical, optical, sugar, explosives, waste, sports, tourist and other industries.

An inadvertent violation of the federal and state antitrust laws or trade regulations can debilitate and sometimes destroy a company. To find out what the law is, to avoid practices that would violate the law and to receive counsel on how to achieve your objectives within the law is invaluable. Businesses that understand trade regulation law can compete more effectively.

The Ray Quinney & Nebeker Antitrust and Trade Regulation Group has provided consultation and analysis for Antitrust and Trade Regulation problems for numerous major corporations and small businesses. We have wide experience in analyzing both plaintiffs’ and defendants’ cases. Ray Quinney & Nebeker has a national reputation and a strong background in counseling clients to understand and comply with the federal and various state laws and regulations. Our goal is to assist clients in complying with the law and avoiding or minimizing exposure to the costs and penalties associated with civil and criminal antitrust or trade regulation violations.

Our firm has a distinct advantage over other antitrust counselors across the United States. The lifestyle and attractions of the scenic beauty of the Intermountain West have attracted and retained great, experienced antitrust lawyers in Salt Lake City. These attorneys are recognized by their peers. Jonathan Dibble and John Mackay have been selected by peer review among antitrust attorneys for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America in Antitrust Law. This Salt Lake City firm can provide skill and excellence in legal services at substantially lower rates than firms on either coast or in larger metropolitan areas where their legal costs have increased dramatically. Our objective is to provide the most effective services at the least cost to the client.

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