Ray Quinney & Nebeker offers an experienced team of appellate attorneys who practice extensively in the Utah Supreme Court, the Utah Court of Appeals, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, and who appear in other federal and state appellate courts across the country, including the U.S. Supreme Court. Our practitioners bring a wealth of knowledge regarding the appellate process, founded not only on their experience as appellate advocates but also on their collective experience as law clerks – having worked for various judges on the Utah Supreme Court, the Utah Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, as well as the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Second Circuit, and Fifth Circuit. Our practitioners likewise serve on task forces and advisory committees relating to the appellate process, including the Utah Supreme Court’s Advisory Committee on the Rules of Appellate Procedure.

Our practitioners leverage their appellate experience alongside the firm’s subject matter expertise. When working with our appellate attorneys, a client has access to attorneys who know and understand the appellate process, as well as an array of attorneys leading the field with respect to the subject matter at issue, such as antitrust, banking, commercial issues, employment, family law, healthcare, intellectual property, personal injury, products liability, securities, trusts and estates, real estate, and regulatory matters. That combination of talent and understanding enables a client to enter an appellate proceeding with a clear strategic advantage.

Whether involved in the litigation from its inception or hired solely for purposes of a litigation or appellate matter, our appellate team offers the benefit of experience and insight in a variety of contexts. Our practitioners specialize in researching and writing arguments with an eye toward a successful outcome on appeal, and in that vein, provide guidance, consultation, or representation with respect to:

  • Pretrial motions:  motions to dismiss, motions in limine, and motions for summary judgment
  • Jurisdictional questions
  • Constitutional or statutory matters
  • Justiciability questions (mootness or standing)
  • Trial objections
  • Jury instructions
  • Posttrial motions
  • Certification of appealable issues absent final judgment
  • Petitions for interlocutory appeal
  • Petitions for extraordinary relief
  • Appeal of a final judgment
  • Amicus briefs
  • Moot arguments for attorneys preparing to present oral argument


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