Ray Quinney & Nebeker has a dedicated group of lawyers experienced in the full range of legal issues related to condemnations and other governmental takings of private property. As counsel for both those who seek the protections of private property rights as guaranteed by the federal and state constitutions, and governmental entities faced with the competing demands of protecting those rights while achieving the needs of the community at large, we have the depth of knowledge and experience to grasp and resolve these very personal issues. In addition to the well known questions of just compensation for any taking and the creative valuation approaches utilized to answer those questions, we deal regularly with takings that arise out of conditions for development approval (exactions), takings resulting from government regulations, all aspects of impact fees, redevelopment to promote economic growth, and the various other ways private property rights can be adversely affected by governmental action. In addition to our experience in negotiations, mediations, and, when necessary, litigation of these issues, our lawyers have served on planning commissions, boards of adjustments and similar governmental agencies adding to the unique perspective we can bring to a takings case.

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