Ray Quinney & Nebeker formed its COVID-19 Response Team to help our clients manage the rapidly emerging and evolving legal issues caused by this global pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, RQN’s lawyers have assisted our clients in responding to supply-chain disruption and force majeure events, telecommuting policies, FLSA compliance, leave and furlough policies, anti-price gouging laws, guidance on “critical infrastructure systems” regulations, as well as immigration restrictions caused by COVID-19. If you have concerns or questions related to COVID-19 and your business operations, please contact one of our Response Team members:

Banking & Lending:

Michael Mayfield

Bankruptcy & Debt Restructuring:

Michael Johnson, David Leigh, Steve Call

Business Continuity/Contracts:

Justin Toth, John Mackay, Beth Ranschau, Blake Voorhees

Business Interruption Insurance:

Kristine Larsen, Brent Wride

The CARES Act/SBA Loans/PPP Loans:

Zach Wiseman, Skye Lazaro, Gavin Reese, Steve Call, Aaron Hinton, Raj Dhaliwal

Charitable & Non-Profit Organizations:

Bruce Olson, Christopher Nelson

Critical Infrastructure Systems:

Rick Thaler, Mike Erickson


Scott Hagen, Liesel Stevens, Rick ThalerRob Rice, Zach Wiseman, David Dibble, Jascha Clark

Estate Planning/Wealth Preservation:

Jay Curtis, Gary Longmore, Angela Atkin, Jason Tholen

HIPAA & Privacy:

David Castleton, Elaina Maragakis

Immigration & Travel Restrictions:

Maria Windham

Investment Losses:

Maria Windham

Leases & Real Estate:

Allison Behjani, Jeff Rasmussen

OSHA Reporting:

Zach Wiseman

Patents & Trademarks:

Paul Taylor

Price Gouging:

Kristine Larsen, Katherine Priest

Tax & IRS Guidance:

Bruce Olson, Sam Lambert

We are committed to your health and success as we manage through these challenging times together.

Recent Updates:

Corporate and Tax:

Employer Tax-Free Grants to Employees: What You Should Know – Bruce Olson
Further Extensions of IRS Deadlines for Filing and Paying – Bruce Olson
Charitable Benefits Under CARES Act – Christopher Nelson
Tax Modifications in the Wake of Coronavirus Outbreak – Bruce Olson


New OSHA Guidelines: A Roadmap and a Warning to Employers
Should Employers Mandate a COVID-19 Vaccine For Their Employees?
Practical Considerations for Utah Employers: Checklist for Returning Employees to Work -Liesel Stevens
CDC Issues New Guidance for Office Safety – Liesel Stevens
Reopening the Workplace Post-Quarantine: Key Considerations for Employers – Aaron Hinton
Effect of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act on Employers – Jascha Clark
Coronavirus Issues in the Workplace: Do’s and Don’ts for Managers and Supervisors – Liesel Stevens

Estate Planning/Wealth Preservation:

Retirement Accounts and the CARES Act – Gregg Stephenson
COVID-19 Crisis Presents Unique Opportunities To Transfer Wealth – Gary Longmore  and Jason Tholen


COVID-19: EPA Announces Temporary Modifications to Environmental Enforcement Policies – Steve Jones

Financial Assistance from Government:

PPP Loan Prosecution Is Here to Stay
Salt Lake County Expands Eligibility for Small Business Impact Grants – Aaron Hinton
How to Maximize PPP Loan Forgiveness – Zach Wiseman
Potential Avenues to Insurance Coverage for COVID-19 Losses – Kristine Larsen
SBA Administration Releases Guidance on Paycheck Protection Program – Christopher Nelson
Utah Leads Together Small Business Loan Program: What You Should Know – Raj Dhaliwal
FAQs: Salt Lake City Emergency Loan Program – Raj Dhaliwal
Economic Relief for Employers Under the CARES Act – Aaron Hinton
Business Interruption Insurance and COVID-19: What You Need to Know – Brent Wride

Government and Emergency Orders:

COVID-19 Related Suspension of Civil Penalty Payments – Blaine Rawson
The COVID-19 Pandemic and Price Gouging – Katherine Priest
Salt Lake County “Stay Safe, Stay Home” Order – Michael Erickson
State of Utah “Stay Safe, Stay Home” Directive – Michael Erickson
COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Orders Update – Michael Erickson

HIPAA & Privacy:

COVID-19 Requires New Emphasis on Cybersecurity in Healthcare – Elaina Maragakis

Leases & Real Estate:

CARES Act Expands Bonus Depreciation to Qualified Improvement Property – Jeff Rasmussen
Commercial Leasing Issues Due to COVID-19 – For Landlords and Tenants – Allison Behjani

Patents & Trademarks:

Some Patent & Trademark Deadlines Extended Because of the CARES Act – Tom Hardman

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