RQN has substantial breadth and depth of experience in the area of political and election law. From US Presidential candidates to a small group of citizens seeking political change, RQN has advised a large and varied collection of clients coming into contact with the laws governing the political process. No matter the client, the firm prides itself in providing quality advice based on a wealth of experience and connections. RQN attorneys have provided legal services to a politically diverse group of local, state and national candidates, varied non-profit and non-partisan groups, as well as numerous other private entities and citizens engaging in the political arena. Some of the services provided by this practice group include the following:

  • Advising and representing candidates and campaigns in federal, state, and local elections and across the political spectrum;
  • Advising clients in connection with state and local initiatives and referenda;
  • Assisting clients in their interactions with state and federal agencies, including the submission of reports and other filings and campaign finance law;
  • Advising governmental bodies on compliance with election laws, such as the canvassing process and sign/billboard ordinances;
  • Litigating election and/or political issues falling under the Utah Election Code, the Utah Constitution, federal law, and the United States Constitution;
  • Advising boards, commissions, authorities, and other bodies fulfilling legislative mandates or interacting with local, state, and national governments;
  • Advice concerning the formation, governance, and compliance of political action committees (PACs) and political issue committees (PICs).

If you wish to speak with an attorney about your business needs and questions, please contact:

Matthew M. Cannon, Chair

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