Ray Quinney & Nebeker represents a wide array of clients in patent, trademark, copyright, piracy, unfair competition, and related matters. Our clientele includes both Fortune 500 companies and smaller business concerns, including companies and individuals engaged in businesses concerning software development, medical devices, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and a wide variety of other products and services.  Ray Quinney & Nebeker lawyers handle litigation, patent prosecution, technology licensing, franchising, trade secret, copyright, and trademark application matters.


Ray Quinney & Nebeker has a significant number of attorneys devoted to intellectual property litigation and enforcement. We have one of the largest intellectual property litigation sections in the state, and we represent regional, national, and international clients in both enforcement of intellectual property rights and defense against claims of infringement. We litigate and try cases involving patents, trademarks, service marks, trade dress, trade secrets, domain names, copyrights, and other disputes. We also assist clients in formulating and implementing comprehensive brand protection strategies. Our practice includes litigation in state and federal court, as well as actions before the United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and International Trade Commission. Ray Quinney & Nebeker’s IP litigators are also experienced in areas of law frequently related to IP litigation, including antitrust, employment, interference with business relations, defamation, and related claims. Because of this breadth of experience, Ray Quinney & Nebeker is frequently retained by other IP firms to assist them with litigation. We welcome this team approach to IP matters.


Ray Quinney & Nebeker’s registered patent attorneys have extensive experience developing and securing vital patent assets for our clients. We represent companies of all sizes, from Fortune® 100 multinationals to innovative start-ups. This experience helps us tailor our advice to achieve our clients’ strategic goals, such as creating barriers to market entry, obtaining licensing revenue, or obtaining defensive coverage.

Our attorneys have strong technical and scientific backgrounds that enable us to quickly and efficiently understand the details of our clients’ technologies. We draft patent applications strategically and cost-effectively, focusing on our clients’ interests and business objectives. We are creative and proactive in our approach to patent prosecution, often meeting face-to-face with patent examiners. In addition to drafting and prosecuting patent applications, we also assist clients with appeals and post-grant proceedings, provide analysis and advice regarding competitors’ patents and products, prepare invalidity and non-infringement opinions, craft license agreements for your intellectual property, and perform due diligence for business transactions.

Whether you are just beginning to create a patent portfolio or you would like assistance with growing and shaping the one you already have, our team has both the technical knowledge and legal experience to develop successful technology protection strategies and help you achieve the highest returns for your business.


Ray Quinney & Nebeker’s attorneys handle a wide variety of name availability searches, trademark and copyright registrations, office actions, amendments, renewals, recordations, and administrative appeals before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the United States Copyright Office, and various state agencies. We also have significant experience in administrative opposition and cancellation proceedings involving trademarks and service marks before the United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. We maintain hundreds of federal trademark and service mark registrations for a wide array of regional and national clients. The firm also has an expanding international registration practice.


Ray Quinney’s practice includes a significant amount of document drafting and negotiation relating to all types of intellectual property. This includes preparation of assignments, asset purchases, licenses, sublicenses, development agreements, employment agreements, consulting agreements, distribution agreements, marketing agreements, outsourcing agreements, maintenance agreements, mutual consents, escrow documents, confidentiality agreements, cooperative alliance agreements, web site agreements, Internet service agreements, and other documents. Ray Quinney also engages in protective planning in the form of intellectual property audits, consultation, actions to perfect ownership rights and other protective measures.


The rapid growth of information technology has created significant demand for expanded legal services to many of our clients. This is particularly true for technology-based clients entering the market for the first time, and those present in the market, but now facing significant expansion and capitalization needs. Our firm provides a full service menu of expertise for our clients. This includes assistance not only with respect to technology protection, licensing, and transfer in the patent, copyright, software, Internet, multimedia, trademark, service mark, domain name, and trade secret fields, but also a broad umbrella of services relating to the formation of business entities, venture capital, public offerings, private placements, taxation, commercial law, employment law, and other fields.

If you wish to speak with an attorney about your business needs and questions, please contact:

Samuel C. Straight, IP Section Chair

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