Ray Quinney & Nebeker has a long history of involvement in state and federal political and legislative arenas. The Lobbying and Government Relations practice group was created to coordinate the activities of lawyers working with state and federal governmental entities. Attorneys within the group work closely with lawyers in other areas of the firm to provide an integrated approach to issues that require lobbying experience, as well as an understanding of various substantive legal issues. Each member of the Lobbying and Government Relations group is well prepared to serve the needs of its clients–whether it is drafting new legislation, opposing harmful legislation, seeking changes to agency rules, or influencing administrative or agency decision-making.


  • Strategic planning
  • Consulting
  • Drafting and analyzing proposed legislation
  • Preparing witnesses for appearances before regulators
  • Reporting on legislative developments
  • Grassroots development and mobilization
  • Organizing coalitions


  • AG Opinions
  • Administrative litigation
  • Enforcement proceedings
  • Rulemaking
  • Legislative drafting
  • Advocacy
  • Regulatory filings and applications
  • Regulatory counseling
  • Legislative lobbying
  • Administrative lobbying
  • Public relations
  • Political strategy and advice

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