Utah’s Cybersecurity Affirmative Defense Act Provides an Incentive to Implement a Cybersecurity Program (Utah Physician Magazine, Aug/Sept 2021)

Aug/Sept 2021

Author: Elaina M. Maragakis

Marketing Healthcare Services – Traps for the Unwary (Utah Physician Magazine, June/July 2021)

June/July 2021

Author: David J. Castleton

Protecting Innovation Through Patents (Mining Focus, 2021 Issue 1)

May 2021

Author: Thomas L. Lingard

The Private Equity Playbook For Healthcare M&A (Utah Physician Magazine, Apr/May 2021)

Apr/May 2021

Author: Mark A. Cotter

Thoughts on Physician Employment Agreements (Utah Physician Magazine, Feb/Mar 2021)

Feb/March 2021

Author: Scott A. Hagen

Legal Implications of Entering the World of Cannabis and Your Professional License –What You Need to Know (Utah Physician Magazine, Nov/Dec 2020)

Nov/Dec 2020

Author: Skye Lazaro

COVID-19 Requires New Emphasis on Cybersecurity in Healthcare (Utah Physician Magazine, Sept/Oct 2020)

Sept/Oct 2020

Author: Elaina Maragakis

Migration of Complex Procedures to the ASC Setting (Cardiovascular Interventions, Total Knee Replacement and Extended Recovery Services)(Utah Physician Magazine, June/July 2020)

June/July 2020

Author: Mark A. Cotter

Utah Employers: Checklist for Returning Employees to Work

June 2020

Author: Liesel Stevens

The CCPA and State Privacy Laws Going Forward(Utah Physician Magazine, April/May 2020)

April/May 2020

Author: Raj Dhaliwal

Department of Labor Issues New Joint Employer Rule 

February 2020

Author: Jascha K. Clark

Basics of Nonprofit Corporation Law, (Utah Bar Journal, Volume 33 No. 1, Jan/Feb, 2020)

January/February 2020

Authors: Bruce L. Olson

Avoiding Sanctions on Worker Misclassification, (In Private Practice Magazine, Issue 3 2019)

December, 2019

Author: Bruce L. Olson

Chambers USA Regional Employment Practice Guide 2019 Second Edition

November, 2019

Authors: Scott A. Hagen, Robert O. Rice, Liesel B. Stevens and David B. Dibble

Do You Have Nonqualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC)? (Utah Academy of Family Physicians Journal, Issue 2, 2019)

November, 2019

Authors: Bryan K. Bassett and John R. Madsen

Two Ways to Avoid Pitfalls When Providing Language Access Services to Individuals Under the ADA (In Private Practice Magazine, 2019)

August, 2019

Author: Justin M. Kuettel

Don’t Put Off That Checkup (Utah Academy of Family Physicians Journal, Issue 1, 2019)

July, 2019

Author: David J. Castleton

Effect of Utah Medical Cannabis Act on Private Employers (In Private Practice Magazine, Issue 1, 2019)

June, 2019

Author: Jascha K. Clark

Utah’s Inland Port: Can Industrial Development and Environmental Responsibility Co-Exist?

June, 2019

Author: Marie Bradshaw Durrant

Yes, Now Is A Good Time To Discuss Your Estate Plan (Utah Physician Magazine, April/May 2019)

May, 2019

Author: Gregg D. Stephenson

Back to Basics: How Employee Training Can be the Most Cost-Effective Way to Eliminate Security Threats (Utah Physician Magazine, February/March 2019)

February 26, 2019

Author: Elaina M. Maragakis

How Physicians Can Respond to Negative Online Reviews (Utah Physician Magazine December/January 2019)

December 18, 2018

Author: Erin M. Adams

Fraud and Abuse Update: Stark, Anti-Kickback and False Claims Act Developments (Utah Physician Magazine, Nov. 2018)

November 1, 2018

What Utah Trial Judges Have to Say About Trust and Estate Litigation – Survey Results (Utah Bar Journal, Jan/Feb 2016)

February 25, 2016

Op-Ed: Fairness for All: Criminal Justice Reforms would Improve Law Enforcement and Public Safety

December 1, 2015

Derek Jeter, Park City Mountain Resort and a Tenant’s Right Under a Lease, The Enterprise – Utah’s Business Journal, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

HIPAA Breach Notification Analysis Under the Omnibus Rule

July 1, 2014

Client Advisory – Health Care Law

June 1, 2014