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Ray Quinney & Nebeker invites you to attend the 2016 RQ&N Tax and Business Seminar on Thursday, November 3, from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., in Ballroom C at the Little America Hotel. CLE, CPE, and insurance credits are pending based on approval from the applicable review boards. Cost to attend: $40.  To Register: Email Debra Peterson at moc.nqr@nosretepd or call (801) 323-3431.

New Limits on Non-Competition Agreements. This presentation will provide an explanation of the new Utah law on non-competition agreements, continuing developments that could result in additional changes, and the circumstances in which employers should use restrictive covenants to protect legitimate business interests. Presented by Scott A. Hagen

Modifying or Terminating the Irrevocable Trust. Changes in tax laws can lead to an irrevocable trust that no longer meets the needs of the beneficiaries. This presentation will provide different ways to modify, and in some circumstances terminate, a seemingly “irrevocable” trust while avoiding or limiting adverse tax consequences. Presented by Lisa V. Perry

Turn Out the Lights, the Party’s Over – Or is it?  The IRS has proposed new Treasury Regulations under Section 2704, which restrict valuation discounts. Gary and Gregg will discuss both planning challenges and planning opportunities presented by the proposed regulations.  Presented by Gary L. Longmore and Gregg D. Stephenson

Business Email Compromise and Social Engineering – Are You an Easy Target?  Cyber criminals are stepping up their game by using social media and other information sources to identify key employees and their positions in order to perpetrate email scams that cost businesses large sums and capture sensitive personal data. Learn how to better protect your business from such attacks. Presented by John A. Adams

The Ransomware Menace – Are You Prepared?  Of all the cyber-threats lurking in the business environment, ransomware is one of the most realistic and devastating dangers. Ransomware can lock up data without warning and bring a company’s operations to a standstill. Training employees to avoid ransomware, and preparing for the event if it occurs, are basic requirements for all businesses. Presented by Elaina M. Maragakis

IRS Audit Survival Guide for Accountants and Taxpayers.  Audit survival is like wilderness survival – a lot needs to be done before you land in the jungle. Learn what every taxpayer and preparer should be doing before receiving an audit notice. Learn what dangers lurk in the audit jungle and how to deal with them. Know your rights if you can’t agree with the auditor on a fair resolution.  Presented by Samuel A. Lambert