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Ray Quinney & Nebeker is proud to join other leading Utah businesses in accepting the “ElevateHER Challenge” from the Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI). Accepting the Challenge means an organization pledges to elevate the stature of women’s leadership.

RQ&N Managing Director, Arthur B. Berger, said “RQ&N is pleased to accept the ‘ElevateHER Challenge.’ Consistent with the firm’s core philosophies, RQ&N seeks to create an environment where all of our lawyers succeed and find professional fulfillment. The WLI provides outstanding resources, training, and structure to assist us with that goal, and to help ensure that we continue to integrate and promote our women attorneys and seek the active participation of every firm member in that effort.”

Angela Atkin, Chair of RQ&N’s Women Lawyers Group, said that“the RQ&N Women Lawyers Group is so pleased that the leadership of our law firm has made a formal commitment to the retention and promotion of its many talented women attorneys. As Betsy Myers emphasized, the promotion of women is no longer ‘a problem to be solved, but an opportunity to be seized.’  Women and men bring different but equal strengths to the table, and the only way to provide the very best services to our clients and leadership within our firm is to draw on those collective strengths.”

The firm has long been dedicated to developing the skills, talents, and leadership opportunities of women, both within the firm and in the local community. RQ&N was the first law firm in Utah to have a woman president, and we currently have women serving on every firm management committee. RQ&N has a diverse and active group of women lawyers at the firm who make substantial contributions to firm leadership and client development.

WLI suggests organizations accepting the “ElevateHER” challenge focus “on the following areas in order to reap the full benefit of enhancing women’s leadership: increase the percentage of women in senior leadership positions; increase the retention rate of women at all levels of your organization; increase the number of women on your organization’s board of directors, extend the influence of women in your industry and encourage women to serve on community and corporate boards; monitor pay by gender and close identified gaps; establish a leadership development and/or mentoring program for women; urge women to run for public office and give follow-up support; and create innovative ways to elevate the stature of women’s leadership in your organization.”