Top Ten Ways to Avoid Losing Money in a Financial Scam – Tip #4: Get it in Writing

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crop businessman signing contract in office

This week, I am addressing another important aspect of protecting yourself from fraud: document all financial transactions in writing. The unfortunate reality is that people sometimes invest hundreds of thousands of dollars without getting anything in writing – usually because they trust the person they’re giving their money to. When people call me to talk… Read more »

Top Ten Ways To Avoid Losing Money In A Financial Scam*

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money in back pocket

Every week Utah residents lose money by investing with friends, family or neighbors – people they knew and trusted. Investment fraud is a big problem here in Utah, largely because our close-knit communities are a prime target for “affinity fraud.” Our state has a long history of financial scams and Ponzi schemes, many of which… Read more »

The Problem With Private Placements

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private placement investing

One of the biggest problems I am seeing these days is private placements (also called alternatives or non-registered investments) that are sold to accredited investors through a private placement memorandum or PPM. Because these investments are not registered with the SEC the information that you can get about them is far more limited, and can… Read more »