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RQ&N Shareholder, Brett L. Tolman, will again lend his insights as a former prosecutor and US Attorney to assist Congress in identifying the most meaningful reforms to both sentencing and recidivism reduction efforts.  On October 19, 2015, Tolman joined Former Attorney General Mukasey in testifying before Congress in supporting the recent negotiated and bipartisan Bill S.2123, Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015, introduced by Chairman Grassley, and Senators Cornyn, Leahy and Durbin.  The President of the United States has indicated this Bill is a high priority and has urged Congress to move swiftly to pass.

Mr. Tolman, former U.S. Attorney for the State of Utah, has long been an advocate of criminal justice reform and is leading a group of former U.S. Attorneys and DOJ officials in issuing an endorsement of these reform efforts.

Click to watch the hearing:

Mr. Tolman’s testimony begins at 2:11:22.