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On July 15, 2015, RQ&N Shareholder, Brett L. Tolman, testified at a hearing before The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform entitled “Criminal Justice Reform – Part II.”  The two-day hearing examined current topics in the area of criminal justice reform and included testimony from Members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, governors from states that have implemented criminal justice reforms, and experts who can discuss emerging federal and state reforms.

Mr. Tolman, former U.S. Attorney for the State of Utah, has long been an advocate of criminal justice reform and is leading a group of former U.S. Attorneys and DOJ officials in requesting such reforms.  In September, 2013, Tolman testified before The Senate Committee on the Judiciary entitled “Reevaluating the Effectiveness of Federal Mandatory Minimum Sentences.”

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